General FAQs

How do I submit pixel art to citypixel? Visit Art Submission Page.

What does citypixel do with my personal information? Nothing. We don't sell or otherwise distribute the personal information of our citizens. Mostly, it allows us a means of contact.

What is citypixel? citypixel is an Internet city. The intent is to provide our community a digital place to travel, shop, interact, and, well, everything else you'd do in a city!

What is the Forum? The Forum is a place for our citizens to interact and communicate. The Forum is an open one, and citizens are encouraged to use it.

Logged in FAQs

How can I buy advertising space? Launch the city and you can simply click on any available advertising space, and you'll have the opportunity to purchase it. Please contact our Advertising Sales team for customized advertising.

Home This button, when clicked, will take you from where ever you are in the city to your placed avatar.

How do I place my avatar? Once you launch the city, and log in, single click the 'place avatar' link on the top left of the tool bar at the top of the window (shown left). Clicking this link will show the 'hotspots' where you can place your avatar.

What am I jumping to? The jump feature allows you to quickly move from block to block within the city. Maybe something new has popped up, and you JUST can't wait to see it!

Logout does just that - it logs you out of the city and returns you to the citypixel homepage.

Mailboxes are cool, but they don't do anything - yet.

My Profile? The 'my profile' button will launch a window displaying your personal information.

What is 'my ads'? Clicking the 'my ads' link will open a window displaying the locations of the ads you've purchased.

What does the red arrow mean? This is the entrance to an apartment building. Mousing over the door will highlight it and clicking it will allow you to view the lobby.

Where are 'my ads'? Once you launch the city, and log in, single click the 'place avatar' link on the top left of the tool bar at the top of the window (shown left). Clicking this link will show the 'hotspots' where you can place your avatar.

Payphones are there to help you. Clicking on one will open a window with answers to FAQ's, links to additionl information and methods for contacting the City Council.

Pixels are the official currency of and PixelYork. Earn them by claiming an apartment or office, succesful friend requests, blog entries, and by logging in daily. Use them to buy special furniture, billboard ads, custom buildings, custon avatars, cars, and some other things that we haven't thought of yet.

What does the avatar do? Your custom avatar is a place holder. It allows you to jump into the city at a point you define. It's also another way to express yourself and represent yourself online.

Why can't I go in the buildings, subway, stores, etc? Who said you can't? The doors are locked right now, but soon we'll be open for businees!

Why should I Sign-up? Guests are welcome at citypixel, but to really appreciate what we have to offer you'll need a user account. A free account will allow you a custom avatar, the right to claim an apartment or office, ability to purchase advertising, and much more!

How do I get around? Use the yellow and orange arrows to move around the city. The orange arrows will move you from 1 street to another.

Apartment/Cube FAQs

How do I claim an apartment or cube? After entering a building, select a vacant apartment or cube, and click the text "This apartment (or cube) is available Click to rent".

How do I know if an apartment or cube is taken? Occupied apartments and cubes have an icon on the top right of the apartment or cube in the floor plan.

Can I abandon the apartment or cube? Log in, go to 'My Apt.', and click the icon shown to the left.

How do I get furniture? Log in, go to 'My Apt.', click on the design link shown to the left, and you will be able to use a lot of free furniture.

Can I get other furniture or submit my own? We're working on it :-)

Can I put my pix in the apartment? Right now, there is a link at the top of your apartment linking in your pix.

How can I chat in my apartment or cube? Use the chat link to chat with people in your apartment or cube.

How can I place my avatar in my apartment or cube? Use the place avatar button shown in your apartment or cube.

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